Eugenie Muggleton, Writer/Director

In the year 2043, 30 years after the zombie apocalypse – the virus has evolved within us all and one touch will unleash it. Jack, and the last of humanity, live under the ultimate truce – to never touch again. Working day to day as a disposal officer for the bio-research initiative, Jack sees the last ravages of the plague – in those who defect, who succumb to touch, disease and a despicable death – but all from behind the safety of a pane of glass. Yet, as the memories of his mother’s last loving touch begin to unravel him, Jack sinks deeper into a void between the sterile and the depraved, where desire is forbidden, fear is mandatory and everything depends on which side of the glass you stand behind.

Produced by Ruth Sayers

Written and Directed by Eugenie Muggleton


© Eugenie Muggleton & Ruth Sayers, 2014