Music and Effects is able to provide the full range of services to ensure a smooth audio post-production pathway for your project.


If there is any aspect of audio that you would like to discuss, whether it is an old technology or a brand new one, a large project or a small one, whether you need just one aspect of audio post or the whole process, please contact us. Our team have worked on every media format and can explain technical audio details in layperson terms. We work hard to make sure that creative teams enjoy the audio post production process and that is one of the reasons that our clients return to us over many years.

The audio services that we offer include:

  • Sound Design and Sound Effects (FX) Editing

With a range of Synthesisers, Samplers, Sound Effects and our own Foley studio at our disposal we can create unique sounds and soundscapes for each project. Whether it's for commercials, documentaries, short films or feature films, we have a depth of Sound Design experience in all areas.


  • Sound Library

We have an extensive Sound Library, with over 30,000 sound effects including our own Soundfield recorded 3D atmos recordings from travels all over the world. We have been recording in 3D surround since 1982 and our vast collection of sounds can be re-purposed into any immersive audio standard.


  • Dialogue editing

Dialogue is king! 

And we have the tools and the experience to make Dialogue shine. We work with the latest Izotope and Waves plugins to maximise noise reduction and provide crystal clear dialogue. Experience counts for everything with dialogue editing and we have over 40 years experience, so your Dialogue is in safe hands.


  • Re-Recording Mixing

We offer both Cinematic mixing and Television mixing, within either Fairlight or Pro Tools. 

Our cinema-sized Dolby Digital® licensed Mixing Theatre consists of 2 Fairlight Constellation XCS systems and a Pro Tools HD11 Native system. All 3 systems are interconnected to create exceptional flexibility and power.

We also have 2 Television mix rooms, one operating a Fairlight Constellation XCS and the other running a Pro Tools HD11 Native system. These rooms are suitable for  all TV mixing in HD.


  • ADR Recording and Voice Over Recording


We record and edit voice work in our purpose-built Recording Studio. Our “floating” studio has been specifically constructed so that the room is completely isolated from external audio and vibration. This makes it an optimal recording environment. The room and sound-proofing were designed by acoustic experts, so it is ultra quiet and suitable for the highest quality audio recording. 

Our extensive microphone collection includes a microphone for every vocal type and the range includes Neumann, Sennheiser, AKG and Electrovoice microphones.

ADR recording is controlled natively by the Fairlight, providing onscreen text, sync beeps and streamers. 

Dry hiring the recording studio is available on request.


Source Connect

We also offer Source Connect which allows clients to remotely connect to the recording session over the internet and monitor the ADR session if they are in a different location. Click on the icon to view our Source Connect profile or request a connection:



  • Foley Recording


The purpose built ADR and Foley recording studio enables the creation of custom sound effects for experienced recordists and performers. The space has in-built Foley pits with a variety of surfaces and we have a plethora of props to meet all your Foley needs.  


  • Sound FX and Ambient Recording


We are specialists in fully immersive Soundfield location recording.  Our Location Recordists are experienced in recording on set, supporting the principal location mixers.  We have the capacity for multi-track recording using 664 12-channel recorders through to a Tascam 24-channel location system for either live music recording or any other live performances.

We have 2 Soundfeld recording kits for location and Atmos recording


  • Other services we offer:


  • File conversion
  • Audio Technical advice
  • Screenings in our cinema-sized theatre
  • Audio Facility Tours


  We love audio and have it covered from every angle!